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What our children have learned through South Etiquette Consultants classes is priceless...

They have a sense of confidence about table manners that never existed before. My daughter constantly corrects me and teaches me what she learned in class. We went to a wedding this weekend and both of our kids introduced themselves to numerous people while looking directly in the other person's eyes and spoke clearly and confidently with a firm grip. I would highly recommend signing your children up for these classes.

They are worth every penny! ~ Kim Carr

Southern Etiquette Consultants did such a great job engaging my son and keeping the lessons fun ...

"When I enrolled my 9 year old son in etiquette class I expected a lot of complaints.  To my surprise, after the initial "I don't want to do it"  on the first day, I NEVER heard it again!  The way they teach the children really works!  After class my son was and still is able to tell and show me the correct use of all his utensils, the proper way to write a Thank-you note and the proper way to introduce himself and others!  Thank you Southern Etiquette Consultants for teaching these valuable life skills in such an entertaining way!" ~ Stephanie S.

I feel my daughter was trained by the best...

Our daughter, who is in first grade, attended a full session of etiquette class and LOVED it!  She came home each week and showed our family how to do all of the things that she learned.  A report was sent home after each class that really helped us to understand what she was learning and how we could do things at home to help her perfect these skills. I would highly recommend this class for any family who wants their children to learn basic and often times overlooked etiquette techniques.  We plan to sign-up for another session with a group of her classmates - we know they will have a blast and learn a ton!  Thanks, SEC!! ~ L. Owen

I would recommend Ms. Bissell and Ms. Murphy...

"I was surprised that my 9 year old son, Gage, looked forward to going to his etiquette class each week!  I had him write his grandmother a thank you note for buying his bike and he sat down at the table with his 2 brothers, and with a new dose of confidence, told them the correct way to write a thank you note!  I was shocked!  It's a lost art in our fast paced, busy lives to slow down and take the time to meet someone new, have a conversation over a meal, and write a hand written note...I would highly recommend this class to any child or teenager!" ~ Elissa F. 

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Etiquette classes for children and young adults. Our etiquette lessons are taught by certified instructors.

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